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See below for my teaching evaluations as well as selected student comments. 

Teaching Evaluations (5 points possible):
Selected Comments:

"By far one of my favorite professors! I loved all the research we discussed in class and have a way better understanding of health care. Overall, great academic experience!"

"Any student would be lucky to have Mr. Hampton for Health Economics. He works hard to make sure his students learn the material;  you can tell he cares about teaching. We are fortunate to have him at UA."

"Professor Hampton is one in a million in the economics department at UA. I have zero complaints about Professor Hampton, only that he should teach more courses because he is by far one of the best economics professors I've had."

"Hampton cares a lot about his students and their success! He wants students to really know the material and you can tell he's super passionate about it. Always makes an effort to connect with the class. A top-notch professor---has a great career ahead of him."

"Mr. Hampton is an absolutely phenomenal professor. I have noticed that since taking this course, I am much more proficient at reading economics research as well general academic literature."


"Matt did a great job teaching the course. He showed how to get from part A to part B to part C better than any professor I've had. Some profs. skip parts of the equations and just assume the kids know it but Matt doesn't do that. I give a big thumbs up to his teaching style, approachability, kindness, and knowledge."

"Matt is lovely professor. He's a breath of fresh air amidst the typical old, stodgy, droning economics professors. He's pretty new to teaching but he does a great job teaching the material and I would take him again."

"Professor Hampton is an exceptional teacher with a clear passion for both economics and higher education. He cares deeply about his students and their understanding both in the course and in the field of economics. His class has been an excellent learning experience."

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