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See below for my teaching evaluations as well as selected student comments. 

Teaching Evaluations (5 points possible):
Selected Comments:

"By far one of my favorite professors! I loved all the research we discussed in class and have a way better understanding of health care. Overall, great academic experience!"

"Any student would be lucky to have Mr. Hampton for Health Economics. He works hard to make sure his students learn the material; you can tell he cares about teaching. We are fortunate to have him at UA."

"Mr. Hampton is an absolutely phenomenal professor. I have noticed that since taking this course, I am much more proficient at reading economics research as well general academic literature."

"Matt is lovely professor. He's a breath of fresh air amidst the typical old, stodgy, droning economics professors. He's pretty new to teaching but he does a great job teaching the material and I would take him again."


"Mr. Hampton was a fantastic instructor. Even if he did not know the exact or correct answer during class, he would come to the next class prepared with an answer to a previous question, or even reach out via email to answer a question or concern."

"Professor Hampton is one of a million in the economics department at UA. I have zero complaints about Professor Hampton, only that he should teach more courses because he is by far one of, if not the best, economics professor I've had."

"Runs circles around professors twice his age. Very down to Earth and in touch with the students. Stimulating conversationalist. Provides engaging discussion and material."

"This course was a genuine pleasure. The professor is young and is great at relating to students who are very literally his age. He is extremely competent and managed to take a course that could have been very dry, and turned it into a true learning opportunity about our health care system and the way economics plays a role."

"Mr. Hampton is effective at communicating complex concepts to students. He makes material that can lend itself to being tedious and dry interesting and compelling. While his jokes don't always land, his sense of humor is perfect for his chosen profession."

"Mr. Hampton has great communication skills, he tells you exactly what you need to know without going off on irrelevant tangents, he gets straight to the point. Also, one thing that stood out to me was when he was asked a question he didn't know the answer to, he would write it down and come to class the next time with the answer for you. Very great teacher, will be successful."

"Despite professor Hampton's lack of experience as a teacher, he did a fantastic job engaging a classroom of tired students every time. He has a great way of explaining the information, holding students' attention and helping those that need any extra attention. I would be happy to take another class taught by him if given the opportunity."

"Effective communicator who is willing to explain concepts and answer questions regarding the material. Very helpful. An excellent instructor."

"He always seemed to be prepared and ready to talk about the information at hand. He was knowledgeable about all topics and was able to clearly work through and answer all concepts we covered."

"Made the lectures very easy to understand and was always available to meet for extra help. I thought this class was going to be unbearable but Professor Hampton made it one of my favorites."

"Matt did a great job teaching the course. He showed how to get from part A to part B to part C better than any professor I've had. Some profs. skip parts of the equations and just assume the kids know it but Matt doesn't do that. I give a big thumbs up to his teaching style, approachability, kindness, and knowledge."

"Professor Hampton did an excellent job of making the material make sense to college students by expertly crafting examples and thoroughly explaining them in terms relatable to us. He takes the time to get to know his students and what they want from him and the class and teaches according to those goals. I would and have recommended him to my peers as a professor."

"Great instructor, especially for his first semester. I think being a younger age he was able to explain and communicate the objectives and learning material better than other professors which made the class seem easier because he did cover advanced material as well."

"Matt is the best grad student teacher I've had at UA. Though it's nearly impossible to make health care economics fun and interesting, he does a good job of making the best of it and keeping the students engaged. His study guides are incredibly useful, and he's very flexible on time if you need to meet for office hours."

"Matt is one of the best professors that I have had so far at the University of Alabama. He is a young guy who makes up for a lack of teaching experience with the awesome connections and relationships he builds with his students."

"Hampton is one of the best teachers I have taken at UA. He makes class enjoyable and clearly sets out what he expects from his students in order to succeed. Wants his students to do well and is always willing to help. Also very funny guy."

"James has been an awesome professor. He is very effective in communicating the topics to our class and seems to truly have a passion for economics. I believe James has a bright career ahead of him and I would strongly suggest other students take his class."

"He is extremely knowledgeable about economics, and is more than capable of instructing more classes despite being so young. I would sign up for him again."

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